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all the whiles

have turned to minutes of forever

3/29/04 08:42 pm

it went like this: the rad blew and we were stranded on the side of the road surrounded by forest when a nice young family stopped and took us to winnipeg. pot brownies. we roamed an unfamiliar city at three am and then found a hotel, squishing two girls with the same name into a tiny single-sized bed. walked through the rain for hours on end to get a ride back to the place we temporarily called home.

then my rad was repaired and i spent a night sleeping in odd places in another unfamiliar place. the dogs loved the adventure.

the poo thing was, the rad repair wasn't done properly and all my transmission fluid leaked out. so when i trekked two day across the province i killed my tranny and now she makes a humming noise when i drive.

and the point is, i love my car and all her absurdities. the dent in the passenger door, the dent in the trunk, the peeling paint on the roof, the muffled speakers, the dog fur that has become a permanent feature. and especially the humming tranny.

i'm off to toronto this weekend.

3/27/04 06:39 pm

i saw the world waking up today
she yawned and robins flew out of her mouth
i kissed her in delight

all night i dance with machines and boxes
until my feet hurt and my back aches
and i cry for human contact
they've turned my mind to thunder
my soul is rain

3/21/04 10:08 pm

we're all dead and dying.

and i'm not being melodramatic. it's true.

3/21/04 12:15 am

windsor's the pit of hell.

in other words, our small part of the international day of action against the occupation of iraq was a hugely disappointing flop.

3/18/04 10:05 pm

3/14/04 02:00 pm

3/14/04 01:37 pm

how lindsay got her groove back: it's all about the power of the pussy. bwahahahaha.

screaming out, loud and strong
i let something keep me down too long
& now i've unleashed all the fury of my goddess energy
watch out world, i'm on a roll

(a towed car and firey dreams, tears and triumph, dykes every time one turns around, wild hair and frozen cheeks, the sound of a car trying too hard to start, voices howling up to heaven, dancing like freedom, squealing tires, free water and a bag of chips, the exhileration of being alone, endless interstates and border checks, alive.)

3/13/04 05:32 pm

soul sistasCollapse )

3/13/04 03:41 am

it's cold outside and the snow is coming down and loneliness hangs in the air, but tonight we dine as kings.

3/12/04 07:50 am

when i say i was raised by dirty hippies, it's completely true.

(i'm the baby)
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