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they searched me at the border, went looking through my car. asked me questions like, "is this a lady friend you're going to visit?"

i got myself lost in chicago (or maybe chicago lost me). and then there she was, sitting in all of her beauty in front of the shell.

we made a new world record, fitting my car into such a small space. who would have thought it possible?

we sat in the kitchen eating strawberries while kitty defended her space. all night the dogs growled deep in their throats at unfamiliar noises drifting in from city streets.


"dreadlocks? i'll give you dreadlocks. two-fitty, ain't nowhere gonna do it cheaper. i ain't never heard of nobody using dread wax, where the hell you get your information?"

the sun was warm and delicious. i found bumper stickers in a gay sex store in boystown & wandered around exploring until my belly wanted food. back in the kitchen i sang over the stove, making pasta & instant rice while pretty woman flickered on the living room tv.

then she was home and we strolled along the lake, cooing at pretty dogs as we violated leash laws. (dead fish and ducks and cop cars rolling by.)

we found dread wax & jolly rancher jelly beans and i discovered the wonder of gaymart while the dogs had a sudden attack of seperation anxiety.

and then there was thai food and margaret cho and three nubby dreads. heaven.


dogs are allowed in the coolest retro store ever.

it was hot. we sat on a sidewalk bench eating super delicious falafel sandwiches & sipping cold lemonade while a guy paced back and forth selling cubs tickets. of course she had to buy a pair, and we ran home to rid ourselves of the dogs.

the cubs game was amazing fun. intense. they lost by one fucking run.

and then... i locked my keys in the trunk. (so much for going home.) we sat eating delivery pizza in the car while we waited for a locksmith to come and save us, then went back to her oh-so-lovely apartment for yet another night of togetherness. she stayed up late doing her school work and i stayed up late talking to my darling my love on the telephone. it was good times.


i drove home all day. it was warm and sunny and the afternoon was singing to me, so i stopped in a little wooded area and napped in my car. and now here i am.
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Oh man, that all sounds good.
it was quite lovely :)
i couldn't have said it any better!!!

now its just sooo lonely in apartment. and i think lily misses muffin and oddler.

i'm so tearful tonight.
aww *hug hug hug* we'll definitely definitely DEFINITELY have to do it again. i'll give you a tour of victoria!