singingsoul (singingsoul) wrote,

today was a day for grand adventures. adventures of the grand sort!

"welcome to our adventure. please pay no attention to the logo on my shirt."

"hmmm... we seem to be lost in the forest! lindsay, i thought you knew where we were going..."

"i do know where we're going! lookit this ant hill, we're on the right track!"

"we've passed that ant hill five times already. oh brave heroine, are you sure you aren't mistaken?"

"it's this way, i swear. follow me."

...and so our noble explorers treck deeper into the woods. before long they find themselves stuck knee-deep in a swamp. where are the sandy beaches they've searched so long for?

"kevin, i think i see a fence up there."

"yes, oh brave and noble lindsay, i think you're right. you've saved us!"

...thinking not of herself or the danger she's about to face, lindsay conquers the fence and frees sir kevin from the depths of the dark and frightning forest.

"i must hand it to you, oh beautiful one. you've saved me yet again. what would i ever do without you?"

...and our mighty explorers find themselves at the beach, toes sinking into warm sand, waves crashing on the shore. we almost lost them this time...

"the water is oh-so-fine!"

...but they have not escaped all danger yet! a mean, evil, horrible-to-the-extreme fish fly lands on lindsay's chest! *gasp* what will become of her!? and what will become of sir kevin, who frantically searches his legs for invading ticks?

"don't worry kids. all's well that ends well. and this, my friends, is the end."

-the end-
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